fruityHere are some reflections on how you can incorporate a healthy diet in order to get the optimal nutrition for your body which in turn will give you tons of energy!

✦ Joy : our digestion is greatly improved when we eat in a joyful and happy environment.

Natural foods : the more transformed and refined food is, the more our body will have difficulties  assimilating it. Therefore, let’s choose food in it’s natural state which is already perfect.

✦ Frugality : prefer quality rather than quantity.

✦ The plant world : 5 fruits and vegetables per day (at least) will provide fiber, vitamins and minerals needed for health and energy. This world is vast and full of surprises!

Respect : of our health, our body, our being, our environment.

Balance : between the intake of proteins, carbohydrates and fat,  between acidic and alkaline foods, between sweet, salty, bitter, acidic taste, between colors, consistencies, raw and cooked …

Variety : to optimize our intake of important nutrients, avoid deficiencies and  have fun discovering new things every day!