I was born in France to a Syrian mother and a French father. Shortly after my arrival on Earth and thanks to my father’s work , we started travelling and exploring different parts of the world (Turkey, Yugoslavia, Norway, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates… )
This allowed me to grow up in a multi-cultural environment filled with diversity.
After finishing high-school in the Middle East, I returned to my birth country for three years in order to study psychology.
However, having kept a deep interest in “alternative” lifestyles (whether in the field of health, education, agriculture and environment), I left France again for a few years. I went to England where I lived and worked in an alternative school founded by the philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti  ( It was a wonderful experience that allowed ​​me to discover the many opportunities to live in harmony with others and with nature.
It was during that time that my interest in health and natural ways to care for it became a passion.
As we take care of our plants, we have a responsibility in caring for our bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). In order to learn more about natural health, I went to study it more closely in Paris in a wonderful school called The CENATHO (, the European College of Traditional and Holistic Naturopathy founded by Daniel Kieffer. I loved this training based on a holistic vision of the human being and a detailed teaching of the various natural techniques to live a life full of vitality.

By understanding that “wellness” is an ongoing relationship with our own body, a loving relationship, built on kindness and respect, I feel it is important to share what I have learnt in order for everyone to live a balanced and healthy life.

Indeed, life is supposed to be simple and flowing, yet we’re the ones who complicate things but we are also the ones who can choose to change.

I created this site to help you on the path to wellness and balance and if you wish, I invite you to contact me for a consultation (in my office or  online).

Looking forward to making a part of the journey with you !