Nature’s path

Connecting with nature is so important to optimal health and wellbeing of a balanced state of mind, body and soul. Why? There’s peace, there’s solace, there’s perfection, there’s the natural order to how this whole existence thing works.

The agitated, over-processed mind can have a moment to chill out, calm and settle. We have the space to be with ourselves in a natural environment, rather than being overly stimulated by the noise of the outside world.

Here are some tips and interesting facts about the benefits of nature :

❊ Spending time in nature makes it easier to focus. Research has shown that our concentration is greatly improved after a walk outdoors. It also increases motivation, memory and learning.

❊ When we spend time in nature, it promotes relaxation. Going outside to take a break helps us take a step back from the various stress factors present in our lives. Spending time outdoors pacifies the nervous system and reduces the stress hormone called cortisol.

❊ Nature allows us to feel centred and connected and to see the bigger picture.

❊ When we eat food grown naturally, whole and unprocessed, we maintain the connection to our environment.
Start to grow herbs (parsley, mint, rosemary…) and if you have a garden, grow vegetables to benefit from this precious and pleasant contact with Mother Nature.

❊ The water element such as the ocean, the sea, a river or a lake is a great way to helps empty and quieten the mind .

❊ Natural sunlight reduces stress hormones, lowers blood pressure and increases serotonin levels which lifts mood and energy. If you know you get tired around 3:30, take a short walk outside or sit under the sun for few minutes everyday.

❊ During the weekend and holidays make sure to organise beautiful walks in the forest or mountains.

❊ In the warmer seasons, take your yoga mat and go meditate outside .
❊ Walk as often as possible barefoot on the sand or in the grass. Research has proven that this simple and natural practice, helps to increase antioxidants, reduces inflammation and improves sleep.

❊ If you feel tired and energy depleted, find a beautiful strong tree and go lean on it for a few moments.

❊ If you live in a city, in apartment, adopt a few house plants and listen to relaxing nature sounds.

 “Nature is part of our life. We grew out of the seed, the earth, and we are part of all that. But we are rapidly losing the sense that we are animals like the others. Can you have a feeling for that tree, look at it, see the beauty of it, listen to the sound it makes; be sensitive to the little plant…” J.Krishnamurti