/ Fresh fig mandala

Autumn gave me a lot of fresh figs this year! They remind me of my childhood and my mother’s country Syria, which is unfortunately going through a rough and challenging phase… But I have faith in life and in human beings and somehow I know that the light will always reach the darkest corners.

Fresh figs for me are a subtle blend of soft sweetness that amazes my taste buds each time i bite into them.

I love the combination of figs and apples. When I top it all with a simple banana cream, it’s amazing!

What a beautiful and healthy way to start your day.

❊ Grate 2 medium apples ( I love the slightly sour ones) and put in a bowl;

❊ Use your blender to mix two ripe bananas with a tablespoon white almond butter or sesame butter (tahini) with a pinch of vanilla. Pour the banana cream over your grated apples;

❊ Gently rinse your fresh figs and cut into small pieces. Lay them meditatively on top of the apple-banana mix and create a small mandala in your bowl!