Boosting your immune system

How to protect yourself from viruses naturally ?

Some foods help strengthen our natural defences so what we eat daily has a big role to play in our ability to fiht of infections.

By respecting these following tips you will reinforce your immune system

– Aim for a good balance between: protein (white meat, fish, eggs, tofu, beans+grains), healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, nuts …) and fresh vegetables (raw and cooked)

– Include a good supplement of probiotics which are essential to maintain good intestinal flora which in turn will strengthen our immune system

– Have raw fruits and vegetables which are rich in vit C

– Add garlic, shallot and onion

– Include copper and zinc rich foods (oysters, pumpkin seeds…)

– Iron rich foods (lentils …)

– And magnesium rich foods (green vegetables, whole grains, almonds)

– Don’t hesitate to add condiments and spices (thyme, rosemary …)

– Replace your coffee with green tea in the morning