Natural first-aid tavel kit

Here are some things you may want to consider putting into your own natural first-aid kit. No matter what you add, it’s definitely worth it to take the time to put one together.

The first thing you need is a kit or case to put everything you need in.

The second thing is to include a list of key emergency phone numbers. This should include the number for your primary physician, local hospital (or hospital in the town where you’re going to be), police department, fire department, and family members.

The third thing all kits need is key medications for family members. If someone in the family is an asthmatic, for instance, you may want to include an inhaler. If someone has serious allergies, an Epi-pen and antihistamines may be a good idea.
Of course, don’t forget the bandages.

Here are some other ideas for your next natural adventure :

Ale Vera Gel: brings healing all types of wounds, burns or stings

– Ginger: good for motion sickness

– Echinacea: helps you avoid colds and flus while on the road and is great when mixed with vitamin C

Lavender essential oil: it is soothing and can help relieve headaches (apply on temples), muscle aches, insect bites and sunburn (like most essential oils, it is indicated against pregnant women and young children)

Arnica gel or cream: great for sore muscles and bruises, but do not apply on open wounds

– Citronella based insect repellant, you can also use peppermint, lemongrass, and geranium to repel pests

Bon voyage!